Available software packages with interface to apparatus running following In Vivo Test Models:

Operant Chamber/Open Field

AUDIWin - Auditory Discrimination (Rats)
DRDIWin -  Drug Discrimination (Rats)
VIDIWin -  Visual Discrimination (Rats)
SARaWin - Self Administration (Rats)
SAMIWin - Self Administration (Mice)
EEGOLab -  EEG and Operant with CED Spike2 (Rats)
GNA1Win -  Gnawing (Rats)
star.gif (271 bytes) STARWin - Acoustic Startle Reflex, PPI, (rats, mice)
CPP1Win - Condition Place Preference, (rats)
ICSSWin - Intracraniel Self Stimulation (rats)
ROMXWin - Rotarod Measurement (rats, mice)
KINDWin - Electrical Induced Seizure (rats)
AVOIWin - Active and Passive Avoidance (rats, mice)
OPF1Win - Open Field, Central and Peripheral activity (rats)
TERMWin  - Hypothermi, Animal Body Temperature (rats, mice)
GRIDWin - Grid-Stim Analgesia (rats, mice)

Feed and Water Intake

SCANWin - Monitoring feed and water intake in Scantainer. (rats)
MANIWin - Monitoring feed and water intake. (rats)
FEEDWin - Monitoring feed and water intake. (rats, mice)
MPIGWin - Monitoring feed intake. (minipigs)
HM-2 - Group Housed Animals (rats, mice)

Computer platform

Windows 7 32/64bit, XP, 2000, NT