Users Software Guide

Buttons Action
Esc Repeat selected recording, by pressing this button.
Edit Switch to Edit mode. Alternatively, press [F2], or [Alt] + [E].
Command Switch to Command mode. Alternatively, press [F3], or [Alt] + [C].
First Animal Activate chosen DoseGroup. Alternatively, press [Space], or [Alt] + [A].
Simple/Adv. Switch between simple and advanced view. Alternatively, press [F8].
Exp. View View Experiment setup.
Close All Close all windows.
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Hotkey Action
[F1] Help
[F2] Switch to Edit mode.
[F3] Switch to Command mode.
[F4] Switch between data of single animal or current DoseGroup.
[F5] Place cursor in "Salivation" field.
[F6] Place cursor in "Tremor" field.
[F7] Switch between short/long listing of DoseGroups on the tabs.
[F8] Switch between simple and advanced view.
[0] to [9] Switch between the Dosegroups by pressing these keys; [0] being the first.
[A] Show all DoseGroups.
[Space] Goto next DoseGroup. Use this when having performed experiment on a DoseGroup in order to continue with next.

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