Users Software Guide

Buttons Action
Esc Repeat selected recording, by pressing this button.
Edit Switch to Edit mode. Alternatively, press [F2], or [Alt] + [E].
Command Switch to Command mode. Alternatively, press [F3], or [Alt] + [C].
First Animal Activate chosen DoseGroup. Alternatively, press [Space], or [Alt] + [A].
Pedal Alternatively click this button instead of pushing lever, or press [Alt] + [P].
Simple/Adv. Switch between simple and advanced Temperature Monitor view. Alternatively, press [F8].
Therm1 Switch to Therm 1. Alternatively, press [F11]
Therm2 Switch to Therm 2. Alternatively, press [F12]
Therm View View Therm Boxes
Exp. View View Experiment setup.
Close All Close all windows.

The ES-Ball, below the thermometer, will begin switching with the TermWin icon, to indicate that the chosen DoseGroup has been activated, and is ready to receive data. When pressing the pedal, you will see that the background of the field "Last" (below the blue ES-ball) turns red for a few seconds, to indicate that the system has received the temperature reading. Next reading is blocked, until the background of this field turns white again! The "Last" field will continue showing the last registred temperature, until receiving a new reading. Checking/unchecking the box "Show Group Data" below the left table, will switch between data of entire current DoseGroup, or just of the chosen animal.
Hotkey Action
[F1] Help
[F2] Switch to Edit mode.
[F3] Switch to Command mode.
[F4] Switch between data of single animal or current DoseGroup.
[F5] Place cursor in "Salivation" field.
[F6] Place cursor in "Tremor" field.
[F7] Switch between short/long listing of DoseGroups on the tabs.
[F8] Switch between simple and advanced Temperature Monitor view.
[F11] Switch to Therm1.
[F12] Switch to Therm2.
[0] to [9] Switch between the Dosegroups by pressing these keys; [0] being the first.
[A] Show all DoseGroups.
[Space] Goto next DoseGroup

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