Create experiments (Experiment key)

When the hardware has been set up properly, and the experiment has been configured, you can now create the experiment itself. This is done automatically by the program, when you choose to start a new experiment. As default the last created ConfigID will be used as base of the experiment, so if you have just created a new configuration the experiment will automatically start with these values.

On create, the application will create an ExperimentID, that is a unique key to this specific experiment. The ExperimentID will have the format "EXPE_YYYYMMDD_A..Z". For instance, an experiment created on the 23rd of October 1999 will have the ExperimentID: EXPE_19991023_A. The A in the end shows that it is the first ExperimentID created on the date specified.The second one on that date will be named EXPE_19991023_B, and so on.

After finishing the experiment, you can choose from several different ways to process your data. You can:

Export data
Make a printed report
Export across network