Define required information about the animals used in this experiment, e.g. the type of the test animals (mice, rats etc.). You are also able to enter other optional information here, if you wish to keep track of vendor, mark etc.

You are able to create standard setups for animal groups frequently used, enabling you to use the same animal setup time after time. You can even add a filter, if you wish to use a previously created group of animals, but only include some of the animals in the experiment.

Creating animals l is followed with an unique key GroupingID, used by the application. The GroupingID has the format "ANIM_YYYYMMDD_A..Z". For instance, an animal setup created on the 23rd of October 1999 will have the GroupingID: ANIM_19991023_A. The A in the end indicates first GroupingID of the current day. The second on that date will be named ANIM_19991023_B, and so on.

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